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Striking the right tone for Fall.

Combining pattern and textures successfully is achieved by varying scale, but maintaining a tight color palette. This look was executed by mixing subtle blues with rich golds and reds.
Life, more stylish.
Polo - Ralph Lauren. Fall 2012.
Preach it.

Penny loafers, Brooks Brothers.
Classically stylish.
Vintage tennis, Life Magazine.
Sporty chaps.
Walt Disney and his team of animators.
Plus fours and patterned sweaters, 1920s.
Well dressed fellas. 
Slim fitted dress pants, plaque belts, and casual button-downs.
Walt and Roy Disney, 1920s.
Handsome couple.
Gant, Fall 2012.
Polished, with personality.
Iconic style.
F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Back to school in tweed.
Professor, 1930s.
Tailored recreation. 
Couple hunting, 1927. 
Counting the days ‘till Fall.
Church’s blue suede tassels.

Blue suede shoes done right.
Classic style with a quirky twist.

Michael Bastian, Fall 2011.
Fall style that’s a walk in the park. Classic styling for man, and man’s best friend.
Michael Bastian, Fall 2012.