install theme
High/low in style.
Great mix of casual and sophistication.
Casual nautical style in the city.
Nautical comfort.
Orange pants, the freshest look this Spring.
Todd Snyder.
Fresh color combination.
Mustard, purple, and gingham. 
Great casual texture. Stylish classic pieces for Spring.
Layered for Spring.
Handsome glasses.
Preach it.

Penny loafers, Brooks Brothers.
Sporty chaps.
Walt Disney and his team of animators.
Plus fours and patterned sweaters, 1920s.
Well dressed fellas. 
Slim fitted dress pants, plaque belts, and casual button-downs.
Walt and Roy Disney, 1920s.
Handsome couple.
Gant, Fall 2012.
The Jaunty Dog.

After years of waiting, we finally brought home a French Bulldog. Meet Louis.

Preppy grosgrain collar with brass details.
Iconic style.
F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Back to school in tweed.
Professor, 1930s.